The Answer to our Upside-Down World is through “The Self-Enlightenment Process” that Jesus Christ, Mohammad, Buddha and all other First Generation Oracles mastered.

"How to activate greatness and eliminate chaos and fear was revealed to JC Gordon while he was dead."


JC Gordon’s afterlife encounter has made him today’s foremost Self-Enlightenment Specialist .

He was killed when a chainsaw kicked back and sliced his throat wide open.

While dead he was revealed The Enlightenment Portal & Self-Enlightenment Process that Jesus Christ, Mohammad, Buddha, and all First-Generation Oracles of Hope undertook to activate the mindset and energy flow that made them who we know them as.

While in the afterlife, he was given permission to return from the dead and resurrect The Enlightenment Portal Self-Enlightenment Process to unlock the power, purpose, limitless possibilities, and infinite potential for anyone exactly as it did for all First-Generation Oracles.



Watch the video below and discover how The Zero-Point Academy will change your life forever.

JC - Calling the Fear Before it Happened


"Life’s Highest Calling is to help others activate their Timeless Self Actualization."

JC Gordon

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